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BounceBack - Automated Casino Promotion Software

DataSpade’s BounceBack will help you to perpetuate a steady growth in player loyalty, trip frequency, carded play, and revenues. We Do It Daily with our automated casino promotion software. It’s a heavy hitter compared to your average loyalty marketing programs. Combine your player data with our user-defined offer packaging DAILY for a dynamic result that has been proven to outperform ADT and cumulative segmentation models.

The BounceBack triggers offers to database players who’ve satisfied pre-set play requirements – automatically on a daily basis. By using a balance in conjunction with daily response, the BounceBack eliminates the need for a period average or total. It’s the higher level of marketing power that your property needs to bounce back and stay in the green.


BounceBack Benefits

The BounceBack has a dynamic, user-defined accelerated earn rate & offer packaging. The offers can be supplemental & designed to correlate with your existing offer mix. (Free Play, Retention, Newsletter, & more)

All offers are syndicated directly to the print house and/or kiosk system automatically on a daily basis.

Incentivize new and low frequency players without the risk of running a loss with the use of our BounceBack reinvestment model.

BounceBack Features

Offer denominations are scaled to account for a players distance from the property.

Our relative offer ranging allows for coupons to be issued based off a players previous offer. (33% last offer threshold)

Offer expirations are defined by player type and issue date to directly control response pressure.

It’s an automated module that can run as a scheduled service – and it’s compatible with all player tracking systems.

The BounceBack increases player loyalty, trip frequency, carded play, and most importantly – the proftability of your player’s club database.

Marketing Player Incentives - We do it right, and We Do It Daily.

Additional Benefits/Features

  • Issue offers daily
  • Dynamic number of coupons per month on a per player basis
  • Allows for higher possible offer values and reinvestment
  • Low value customers can earn coupons over multiple trips
  • Faster reaction to player spend increase
  • Faster reaction to player trip increase
  • Incentivize new and low frequency players
  • Limit offer layering
  • Eliminates the need for a separate new member mailer
  • Eliminates missed opportunities
  • Elimination of ADT multi-flight leading & play fall off lag
  • Eliminates high/low ADT segmentation cutoff
  • Increase in visit frequency
  • Increase in spend per visit
  • Increase in carded play
  • Increase loyalty
  • Local/Nonlocal reinvestment percentages, expiration, and denominations are based on zip code radius
  • Easily control the number of free play offers issued per month
  • Dynamic offer expiration calculation
  • Relative Offer ranging (33% last offer threshold)
  • Automatic nonlocal multiday trip identification and offer consolidation
  • User defined dynamic accelerated earn rate
  • User defined offer packaging
  • Automatic daily export
  • Compatible with all major club systems
  • Automated module can run as a scheduled service

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