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DataAce - Analytic Tool & Mail List Compiler

Data-driven results set the criteria for your success. With DataAce, your playerís club data is transformed into a valuable partner in helping you to optimize your marketing strategies and create successful campaigns for your players. Save valuable time and be confident in knowing exactly where to apply your marketing resources.

DataAce provides the invaluable Ė comprehensive reports and analysis in a safe, secure format. With DataAce, your data stays on your network. Itís a cost effective solution that also guarantees the security of your playerís information.

Evaluate individual groups, segments & players key metrics
Analyze player value & trip frequency
Compare demographic & geographic data
Trend values over time


DataAce Benefits

Donít throw your data up to the cloud, or out to an expensive data warehouse. DataAce pushes your data requests right to your desktop. Safe, Secure data analysis.

DataAce contains an intuitive, precise interface. Analyzing data requests isnít just for the experts anymoreÖ anyone can learn to run this software in about an hour.
(We offer FREE support and training for all our clients)

Take the headache out of manual list generation - Compile complex matrix mail files efficiently and with ease. DataAce also generates mail lists into usable excel files with offers attached.

DataAce has a powerful, built-in segmentation engine, user-friendly interface, and the ability to generate unique reports that are fully customizable.

DataAce Features

Reports on segments and redemptions can be processed on the fly, along with easy-to-read profit/loss style reports.

DataAce can be set to have fully automated functions Ė effortless & automated to further maximize efficiency.

DataAce can track the results of marketing campaigns while highlighting areas that require a stronger marketing effort.

This software features dynamic, clarity-driven reports that feature actionable viewing columns.

DataAce also features colorful charts/graphs for illustrative demonstrations relating to the raw data.

The only reporting software available that allows itís users to copy and paste reports from DataAce directly into excel for further analysis.

* DataAce now features Google heat maps for a birdís eye view of your competing markets.

Stay on top of your game Ė Take an interactive approach to your data with DataAce

Additional Benefits/Features

  • Increase profits by extracting the knowledge in your database
  • Close the Analysis/Marketing Loop One program to perform both tasks
  • Save time on compiling complex Matrix Mail Files & Monthly Reporting on Segments & Redemptions
  • Easy to read profit\loss style reports that include key performance indicators
  • Effortlessly profile your players and implement strategic database marketing
  • Identify natural breaks and focus on what matters by applying the Pareto Principle
  • Compile & execute campaigns (New Member, Newsletter, Reactivation, Birthday, and more)
  • Work with outside consultants easily by using offline features - send data in a standard format
  • Segmentations based on industry standard mathematical models
  • Analyze layered redemptions, comp and free play interactions for profitability
  • Trend values over time, period ranges by: Day, Date,Week, Month, Quarter
  • Benchmark demographic, geographic & segments YOY
  • Identify natural breaks using percentiles and deciles
  • Deduct comps & free play post segmentation for profitability based reinvestment
  • Compare demographic & geographic data (age, gender, radius, county, zip code)
  • One click Matrix Mail File with variable (ready for print/SMS/E-Blast)
  • Automatically exports segmented csv tag or group files (ready for upload)
  • Built in on the fly distance radius & compass bearing calculations
  • Built in LIFO engine converts split parallel free play data into easy to analyze redemption transactions
  • Unique reports: Random Selection, Nearest Casino, Percentiles, Variable Time Averages

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